About Me

Thanks for visiting magusodinson.com, this is a website for me to explore my interest in Viking history and culture. I’m Magnus (no it’s not my real name) I’m a Viking history and culture enthusiast, something I became interested in after listening to Amon Amarth and led me to a Viking Studies degree and University College London. A wonderful institution where I learned about Vikings, Old Norse and Modern Norwegian. I graduated with a 2:1 degree.

I have set up this website to continue exploring my interest in the Vikings. I will be using it to post articles on my research as well as translations of Old Norse texts, works of fiction and a page for my random thoughts. For my first project I will be writing an essay on my favourite Viking King, Hakon the Good.

Thanks for visiting and please feel free to message me if you have a similar interest or any suggestions. I also want to thank my partner Rebecca without whom I could not have set up this website or been able to explore this interest. P.S you can also follow me on Twitter but this is more of a personal account where I follow my other interests like motorsports.